Candidate Help


May 2, 2022

All Republicans

Several of the local candidates have asked if Republicans want to help them hand out materials at our Early Voting sites. Please contact the candidates directly if you want to volunteer. If you need contact information, please stop by the Headquarters to pick it up. The other option is to go to their web sites and contact them. We are open 8am to 6pm during weekdays and 10 to 4 pm on Saturday.

The following local Republican Candidates are involved in the Primary as they have a Primary opponent. (They are listed by the order they appear on the ballot):

NC District Court Judge District 13 Seat 2- Preston Hilton, Bryan Wilson

Board of Commissioners District 2- J.M. (Marty) Cooke, Art Dornfeld, David M. Robinson

Board of Education District 3- Todd Coring, Robin Moffitt

Board of Education District 5- Randy Fennell, Steve Gainey, William F. Woodburn

Clerk of Superior Court- Katie Madon, Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street, Kathryn Adams

Together we are making a difference

Bill Moore